Russell Page Architects



We offer a full range of architectural services including:

  • Planning/Programming Clients Ideas
  • Design
  • Construction Documents
  • Computer Drafting
  • 3D Computer Generated Renderings
  • Contractor Negotiations and Bidding
  • Construction Administration
  • Interior Designs

We Listen

The key to our success is listening throughout the project design process while engaging our clients in effective methods of communication by keeping the project moving, thus saving both time and money.

We Perform

We are first a creative service to our clients; we believe that client participation and straightforward communications develop direct and honest design. We bring together the right team to reflect new ideas and meet each client objective.

We Achieve

Unique, clean, functional timeless design is created by the people involved in the design process. Communication between designer and owner will insure the complete success of the design efforts.

The Process

Design is syntheses of creative ideas, realistic directions and client driven desires.

Russell Page Architects leads this process involving our clients every step of the way to ensure close communications and understanding of our design direction and development.

During the design stage, we will approach a project through comparative design analysis alternatives, we sketch, draw, draft and talk about all ideas. No question is a bad one and we always respond to creative solutions. Several design solutions may be presented to the client to allow him or her to evaluate the qualities of each scheme. This not only allows for greater client input, but also results in excellent final design by taking the best features of each solution to create the best facility.

We understand the client, architect, contractor relationship and always emphasize a team approach to our work efforts.

The advantages of a small firm like ours is, we will pay close attention to the details of your project and we will provide a very high quality of service resulting in a project we can all be proud of.

Once the form and function have been developed, we expend every effort to provide the finest quality facility incorporating the best energy conservation and low maintenance measures available. These measures tremendously reduce future operating and maintenance costs.

Unique, clean, functional design is created by the people involved in the design process. For this reason, the people involved are the most important aspect of the design. The owners and users of the building should be participants from the very beginning. Because the owner ultimately determines the success of his or her building, we use your input in not only the programming aspect but also during the period of conceptual design. Communications between designer and owner will insure the complete success of the design efforts.

Our experience with many different jurisdictions will prove to be valuable in the permit application and approval process.

Russell Page Architects will put every effort into the success of your project. We take our work personally and will put in the extra effort required to create your unique project while considering all design and budgetary constraints.